look what I got in NY!

  1. hi! just got back from NY & I bought loads!! absolutely loads!! but I'll have to take pics later & show them off :biggrin:

    I did get a total bargain on these!! I saw them in the Nine West shops & others for $80, I paid just $35 from Marshalls! they had them in a devine black too, but I really had my heart set on red (following the Disaster with my 'cherry' Manolo Mary Janes, which turned out to be a tomato not cherry :sad: ) soooo! these are my darling bargains! :love:


    They aren't the red I was looking for, but at $35, ther was no way I was leaving these babies behind!!

    I also got a super cute pair of DKNY sling backs in powder pink for $10!! $10!!!! how unreal is that???

    more pics to follow
  2. oooh Gorgeous!! I absolutely love red shoes!!
    Can't wait to see more pics! :smile:
  3. They are so cute, love the red, great deal, congrats
  4. i love red shoes too!gorgeous!:nuts:
  5. Beautiful shoes!
  6. Just lovely and even better you got them for a bargain :yahoo:. When that happens I usually love them even more.
  7. those red shoes are so cute!
    would love to see pics of them.
  8. I've seen those at Marshall's! They are gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. Oh those red shoes are to die for!
  10. I promise girls, I'll try & take pics tonight of all my purchases & put them up tomorrow:biggrin:

    Thanks for all the compliments!:biggrin:
  11. very sexy.
  12. Those shoes are gorgeous, luck you!!! And better yet, great bargains! I got a great bargain the other weekend with a pair of Sigerson Morrison for $99 from the original price of $499! I was ecstatic!
  13. Oooh pretty!!! I have a huge soft spot for red shoes!:heart:
  14. BEAUTYFUL <- I didn't even spell that right.....right ?
    They re truly gorgeous.
    When I go to US I make sure I stop by Nine West, good style, good price. My last visit was on Madison avenue, Chicago.-don't know Marshalls, yet-
    Why can't we have Nine West overhere ???
  15. wow!wht a good deal!!!i'm looking for the bright red peep toe though..*gotta go to marshalls*!!!lol