look what I got! HG#2! my biggest LV purchase yet!! (pics)

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  1. so I've been lusting over this one bag for a really really long time...i had never crossed the $1k mark before so I was reluctant to go out and buy it. i tried getting one used on eBay from fashionphile last month, but I was outbid at last minute. :crybaby: So DH said I could get one from the boutique for my b-day (which is in May) so I was like OK, since it's so expensive (and I've been buying other LV bags/items too) I should wait a while. But recently I got an unexpected increase in salary at work, and while it's not that much $$, it is more than enough to cover the cost of this bag. :graucho: Soo, DH said that I could get this bag as my "xmas present" (the notion of "presents" between me and DH is essentially meaningless, as we have joint bank accounts, but whatever..).

    so anyways, on Sunday DH & I headed to LV at the Beverly Center to get my HG #2 (HG #1 is my amarante Rosewood shown in my avatar, my first LV bag :smile:). I asked an SA to see the bag, and boy was I lucky, as it was the LAST ONE LEFT in that color (i took the display one!). Apparently this color sells out a lot during the holidays (that's what the SA said).

    so here's some pics!. hmmm, can anyone guess what it is?? hehehe (i've always wanted to play this game!!)

    our car's GPS leading the way to LV:

    nice BIG bag....

    with a nice big box in it! :p

    more pics to come soon...
  2. Please tell me what it is....My guess would be something from the Suhali Line?
  3. :popcorn: can't wait to see!
  4. c'mon we wanna see it.... cute pic of the GPS. congrats on whatever it is!!!
  5. Love the GPS pic! lol

    Can't wait to see!
  6. i'll be a tease and throw in this picture first :p


    it's funny the box looks v. plain, compared to many other boxes i've seen on posted here. the SA did ask if i needed this gift wrapped..i told them not to bother..although i think it looks nice, i knew i would just be ripping the box open as soon as i got home, lol (and i did) :biggrin:
  7. Hmmm a color? I want to say Epi possibly but I suck a guessing so HURRY UP lol
  8. so here she is...Monogram Vernis HOUSTON in POMME D'AMOUR !!! :nuts: :yahoo: :wlae:

    isn't she a beaut? :love:

    can't get enough of this color!

    with matching Ludlow

    i am in lvoe with this bag! i took it to work, even took into to meetings (where i usually never bring purses), just to show it off. :shame: i still can't believe i own a purse that's over 1 grand. i never would have dreamed!!! I am soo on a ban from now on, lol
  9. Aww that's so awesome... you got a very beautiful bag sweetie! CONGRATS!!!!!
  10. OH yeah POmme! duh
    Congrats! It is delish!
  11. It's gorgeous! You have a nice little vernis collection going on now.
  12. Nice :nuts: Congrats :yahoo:
  13. Pomme is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Hope the ban works! I failed MANY timeshaha
  14. Congrats .. great story & photos:heart:
  15. congrats- the color is beautiful