Look what I got from the PCE!!!

  1. I just received my Large Ergo Turquoise Hobo as well as my Ergo Cross Body Bag in Camel. So well made and the leather is sumptuous!!!!:yes:
    IMG_0587_1.jpg IMG_0580_1.jpg IMG_0586_1.jpg
  2. Both are gorgeous!!
  3. They are very gorgeous! Congrats!!
  4. Now I want the Turquois Ergo!!! So cute!
  5. I love the crossbody ergo! I have to consider this:p
  6. love both!
  7. Beautiful!
  8. so pretty liz....enjoy your new bags!!!
  9. GORGEOUS! I really like that cross body bag too ... how much is that?
  10. Love them!!!!
  11. Love the hobo! Seeing so many of you with this style and color makes me want one. But I don't think I have anything in my closet that would match it. :sad:
  12. Congrats-
  13. wow both are gorgeous!! I love the turquiose!! Its alot larger than I thought it would be. but still beautiful!
  14. anotheremptysky:

    The Ergo Cross Body Bag is No. 10746 and retails for
    $278. I ordered it at the PCE and got 25% off the price so it was a good deal. It also comes in black and camel as well.

  15. OMG...they are wonderful. Thank you Liz for posting pics with them on. I did go tonight and ordered the black large hobo. I was too chicken to order the turquoise but I love it. It looks wonderful on you!