Look what I got from the outlets!!!

  1. I had the urge to go shopping lately...so on this three-day weekend, I told my SO that I just HAD to go to the outlets. Not just any outlet, but one that's 470 miles from where I live. :biggrin: We drove to from San Franciso to Irvine....stayed the night, and then headed to the Desert Hills outlet the next day. You should've seen me...I had an attack plan, I marked all the places I need to hit first, and ranked them by level of importance. Dior was first, then it was Gucci, BV, etc. We walked around ALL day...and I still didn't find anything at 4:30pm...at that point, I was getting discouraged! That's when my SO made the suggestion, "Let's go back to Dior to have another look." He's such a trooper...hehehe...he had no idea what he just volunteered for. We went again, and this time we spent 1.5 hours in there, and I was NOT going to leave empty-handed!!! I finally got the Rasta Boston bag. (it had an additional 40% off!) And then I noticed that I did not look at the wallet case yet. I saw the cutest Rasta saddle-type wallet! :nuts: It's so much more fun the the plain black prada that I'm using right now, and of course, I snatched it!!! I tried to ask the SA if that one was on sale...it wasn't...but I love it too much at this point to let it go! Haha...poor SO stood there for so long holding the selections for the crazy me, in the midst of all the other crazy girls trying to score a dior or two. Boy, was he relieved when I finally bought the bags and left!

    Here is the pic! And also my attempt at modeling this really cute bag. haha..I KNEW there's a reason why my mom didn't sign me up for modeling school.
    Dior Rasta bag and wallet.JPG Me with bag.JPG
  2. Your outfit matches the Rasta bag so well! And that Saddle wallet is just too cute...I've been dying to get one of those in a color theme that I like but so far the ones on eBay either look boring or are way too colorful for me.

    Sorry for sounding dumb, but what is an "SO"? I can take a few guesses as to what the S stands for ("Sweet" or "Shopping"?), but as for the O nothing is coming to my mind.
  3. Congrats! I seriously have to go to the outlets! lol! I love that bag, it looks great on you!
  4. Thanks guys!

    Mayday, SO stands for Significant Others. =) At the outlet, there was quite a few of these types(both canvas and leather) of wallets in different colors. I got the contact info of the SA, and she would be happy to send you pics. oops...just saw that you're in toronto, I'm not sure if they send it to Canada, but it doesn't hurt to try?
  5. Congrats! I love the rasta line! Something about the colour combination always brightens my mood. Enjoy your new bag! :wlae:
  6. Thank you Gingerfarm!

    I actually called the Woodbury Commons outlet in December...they said that they don't ship to Canada :sad:. In fact, none of the US places will ship to Canada.

    So I have to make a pilgrimage trip to Woodbury whenever I want one of their items...and I bet I'll be in the store for hours (too) trying to not leave empty handed (because I'm not always the luckiest shopper...I've never had luck with Holt Renfrew's Dior because they just don't have something that I want like mad that I would pay full price for, nor anything on sale that really appeals to me).
  7. OMG, I love it. Been looking for the wallet forever. You're soooo lucky!!!

  8. Oh, please send me that contact info. I so want that wallet:yes: !!!
  9. I LOVE THAT! I just may have to drive from Northern California to Irvine myself!! :yahoo:
  10. nice :smile:
  11. Congrats! Love it!
  12. Mayday, the SA advised me to call before I go so that she can send me pictures via email. That way, I can make sure that there's something I want before I make the drive there. :yes:

    Everything Posh, Staying in Irvine(I was in Santa Ana) is perfect...because if you don't find anything you want in the outlets, you can go to South Coast Plaza the next day! hahaha.

    Oh yea...talking about paying full price...I almost had a heart attack when I saw my Charm Bag there...for outlet price!!! oh well...at least I got 1 year out of it.
  13. congrats!
  14. Hi Gingerfarm!

    Thank you very much for your advice! I'll definitely do that before I make a long trip to get there!
  15. The bag looks like it matches you perfectly! :yes: Congrats on such fabulous finds! :smile:
    Oh how I wish they had a Dior outlet here!