Look what I got from Ebay!! from Murakami Collection

  1. Look what I got from eBay! :love:

    sorry for the messy background
  2. :nuts: How cute! Congrats on the good find:flowers: Sakura girl!
  3. Woow, it's lovely. May I ask how much you gave for it?
  4. pretty, congrats!
  5. NICE! Great find.

    Congrats on the gorgeous new umbrella!
  6. WOW that is so beautiful!! Congrats!
  7. What a rare beauty! Congrats, I love the Cheery Blossom line. This will cheer up any rainy day!
  8. Congrats, so gorgeous :love:
  9. Oooh, it is so *BEAUTIFUL*.

    I LOVE the whole Murakami Collection .... especially the CB line. :love:

  10. Awesome find, congrats ! :yes:
  11. So pretty and whimsical- congrats!
  12. Oh, I love it. Love umbrellas! Congratulations on your find!
  13. how cute, congrats!
  14. Cute!! I love LV umbrellas but it doesn't rain enough here to justify buying one. :p
  15. Pretty....congrats