Look what I got for only $155!

  1. I got these beauties at Neiman Marcus Last Call.

    Original price $470, NM Last Call price $189 then less 20% (sale) and then an additional 5% (for using your NM CC).

    FINAL PRICE $155.50 (includes 8.25% sales tax)! :yahoo:
  2. Wow! They are gorgeous shoes and a true bargain. Congratulations :biggrin:
  3. I LOVE those shoes and you can't beat the price! Congratulations!
  4. Those are HOT- and a great deal! Congrats!
  5. theyre gorgeous! WHAT a bargain too! :biggrin:
  6. ooh well done, definitely the bargain of the week for sure :smile:

    They will go with lots of outfits too, well done :smile:
  7. Great find!! Love them!! Now THAT'S a sale!!!!
  8. Wow--very classic and beautiful!!!

  9. very pretty, congrats!!
  10. great deal! I have these w/ pink piping and LOVE them! enjoy!
  11. great deal!!!!!!!!!! very nice. :smile:
  12. Wow..great deal, gorgeous shoes..well done!!
  13. Great deal, how cool! Congrats:smile:
  14. Wow! awesome!
  15. Wowie! Those will never go out of style. Congrats!