Look what I got for my birthday & XMAS :D

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  1. A new Manhattan PM :biggrin: I was wondering why they were going to the LV store yesterday. It's my birthday and XMAS pressie, I over the moon about it & so greatful & such a lovely gift which of course my mum would surely want to use herself LOL :smile: I also posted a pic of the bag within my current collection :smile:
    3.jpg 2.jpg
  2. Beautiful bag! Congrats and enjoy! I love your collection!
  3. Congrats and happy birthday!! You have a beautiful collection.
  4. Happy Holidays & Happy Birthday to iluvdesighner_7!:balloon:

    Congratz on your new Manhattan PM! Beautiful collection BTW.
  5. Happy Birthday! Love your bags!
  6. You have a very nice collection. Congratulations.
  7. Congrats ! :yes:
  8. very nice, congrats!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!Congrats!!!
  10. HAppy Birthday! Congrats!:balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
  11. faaaabulous colllection ..:love:
  12. Happy Birthday!!! you have a really great collection!
  13. your collection is amazing!! and happy bday, such a great present from your family! congrats
  14. I love your collection!!! Congrats!!!
  15. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your new bag, I love your collection, thanks for sharing..