Look what I got for Mother's Day!!!

  1. My husband is SO sweet! He surprised me with this bag and wallet this morning!

    I have to confess I am the "mother" of four dogs and a foster pup, but not children. Mother's Day is usually sad for my husband and I--his Mom committed suicide when he was young, and my bio Mom drank for all of my childhood so I was the "mom" to my brothers. I had a step-mum I loved when I turned 18, but she was tragically killed six years later.

    ANYWAY, my husband wanted this to be a happy day, and WOW, is it ever! He is SO sweet and thoughful! I've been in tears all morning! I just wanted to share a picture.
  2. Ohh so nice.
    How did he know what to get you? Were you hinting or did he figure it out himself?

    Happy Mother's Day

    I don't have kids either, but I do have a dog that now lives with my parents (they won't give him back--they're attached)
    My boyfriend just sent me a text message saying happy mother's day from him and Dylan (that's my dog's name). :P

    Us pets owners are mother's too :yes:
  3. oh wow, really nice presents... yeah how did he know what to get you? cute dog too...hehe
  4. Those are beautiful presents! Congrats
  5. Congratulations...what an awesome husband...have a wonderful day...
  7. Aw, Happy Mothers Day! Theyre beautiful and your husband is so sweet! Be sure to give him plenty of hugs and kisses today, lol.
  8. Snowwhite: How sweet. Congrats, your gifts are beautiful. =)
    Wish Mother's Day will be filled with happiness for your family from now on. =)
  9. GORGEOUS!!!!!! Enjoy! Your hubby is SOOOO thoughtful! Happy Mother's Day!
  10. Happy Mother's Day Snowwhite. Your DH is so thoughtful. :angel:
  11. How very thoughtful to get you a lovely bag and a wallet too...and what nice taste he has! Enjoy your gifts and your day!

    Very cute photo too, I like the doggie looking on...
  12. what a beautiful gift! Happy mothers day!
  13. Iluvbags and bluxcape: I had seen the wallet and said I liked it a lot, so I thought (and hoped!) it might appear for my birthday or our anniversary, but I had no idea he would get it for Mother's Day, or with the bag, too! It was a HUGE surprise!!!

    Thank you for all the sweet comments and wishes! I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!
  14. Wowowowow! Congrats!!!
  15. What a sweet husband you have! AND he has wonderful taste to match! The bag and wallet are beautiful! Enjoy them! Your dog is sooo cute in that picture!