Look what I got! Ergo Patent Mahoganay Hobo! Got it today for the PCE!

  1. I just wanted to share my photos of my Ergo Patent Mahogany Hobo! For anyone who is sitting on the fence, this is one stunning bag. I have it loaded with my stuff already and I find it understatedly elegant.
    IMG0001_2.jpg IMG0001_4.jpg IMG0001_5.jpg
  2. GORGEOUS! Mahogany is such a great color, goes with black or brown!

    Good choice!!!!
  3. Very nice bag! Is that a large hobo? :smile:
  4. Liz,

    That is such a beautiful bag! I'm loving it and it looks so fabulous on you. I need to see one of these IRL now. The color is rich. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  5. OMG! That is stunning! Great choice!
  6. It's beautiful, Liz! You have such great taste in bags!
  7. Wow, that mahogany is BEAUTIFUL! And you could get it on PCE, how awesome! :tup: Congrats!
  8. Beautiful, classy, smart and stunning!:tup:

  9. AHHH!!! Your cat is so cute!!!! What is his name?
    As you can tell, I have a big thing for orange tabbies!!!

    Welcome to TPF! We're big cat people around here (dogs too!)

    ok...sorry for quick thread hijack, patent is GORGEOUS, can't wait to get mine (tomorrow!!)

  10. I'm telling you, these patent Ergos get me all a quiver! :drool:That color is TDF and I agree with Court-it would go with black or brown. I'm loving it!! Congrats!
  11. yeah, where are your pics my dear!

    ha! :yes:
  12. It is :sweatdrop:dangerous belonging to this forum! Makes my heart beat :heart::heart::heart::heart: just a little tooooo much! :sweatdrop:

    This Mahogany and the Vintage Ergo hobo are really on my mind!
  13. suh-weet arm candy, Liz!!
  14. Hot hot hot! That looks great on you! I was skeptical about mahogany patent leather, but that sure is an attractive bag. Enjoy it!

  15. Pics of what?? :confused1::shrugs::