Look what I got at Saks!!!!

  1. Thank you for letting me share my excitement with all of you!! :yahoo:

    I went to Saks last weekend (right before my ban started) and got some awesome deals!!!! All of these were already on sale + additional 25% off (promotion) + 10% off (opened Saks card) + no tax (had them shipped to me).

    So, here's what I got...

    ~Stuart Weitzman pumps in black (originally $270, paid $68)
    ~Manolo Blahniks (originally $565, paid $179) - I have mixed feeling about these.... Not sure if I "love" them.
    ~Jimmy Choo boots (originally $1,125, paid $303 :wtf:) - Look at the heel!!

    And I know it's not shoes, but I took advantage of 10% off + no tax and got this gorgeous Chanel wallet (it's small but absolutely perfect for me!!!). I bought it a while ago but sold a little while later because I thought I needed a bigger wallet. Well, I missed it so much that I had to buy it again! LOL

    Thank you for looking!!!! :smile:
    shoes 1.jpg shoes 2.jpg shoes 3.jpg shoes 4.jpg shoes 5.jpg
  2. More pics...Manolos...
    shoes 6.jpg shoes 7.jpg shoes 8.jpg shoes 9.jpg
  3. ...Jimmy Choo...
    shoes 10.jpg shoes 11.jpg shoes 12.jpg shoes 13.jpg shoes 14.jpg
  4. ...and finally pics of my new Chanel wallet.
    wallet 2.jpg wallet 3.jpg
  5. Awesome deals! Love the JC boots.
  6. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the boots!!
    What a GREAT deal!!!
  7. Hot damn, I love those boots :drool: Great finds!
  8. OMG those boots are amazing! Love them!
  9. great buys, congrats! i especially love the boots. super hott!
  10. Nice Loot!!! Like the SW, LOVE the boots!
  11. Thank you!!!!
  12. I'm going to say I love the JC boots too! You got AMAZING deals. Congrats. Love the Chanel wallet too. :smile:
  13. awesome deals!
  14. What great deals. I really love the boots....they are hot. I love Saks!!!!
  15. i love the shoes!!gotta love the wallet too!!