Look what I got at Holts on Friday!

  1. Hey everyone!

    Check out my newest addition to my collection! I felt really guilty for buying this because of my few financial troubles, but things seem to be working out at the moment and now I can finally enjoy this bag!

    This makes up for the denim Detective Bag which I sold and felt bad for selling cuz I started missing it so much!

  2. MayDay> Twin beauties. You did well.
  3. I :heart: your bag! Its so gorgeous.
  4. WOW!!!! It's beautiful!!!!!! May, love love love love your purchase!!!!!! and also your twin one too!!!!!!
  5. it's soo beautiful!
  6. Oh my GOSH! That is so beautiful!!! Congrats!!
  7. beautiful, congrats!!
  8. Absolutely georgeous!

    You sure have great taste.
  9. What a beauty or beauties, lovely bags :yes:
  10. Gorgeous! :drool:
  11. my mouth literally open... LOL!!
    Beauty!!! Beauty!!!

    this bag is gorgeous!! congrats congrats for the wonderful baby!:heart:
  12. May ur hopeless ...glad to see im not alone - that bag is a beauty ! :nuts: :drool: was it ..uhm ... expensive ? ;)
  13. Congratulations May, this a good reward for your study efforts!
  14. Beautiful! Congrats!
  15. LOVE this bag!! Which is why I have one too...LOL ;)

    Congrats MayDay - you deserve it!! :yahoo: