look what i got at dior today

  1. :yahoo::yahoo:
    the dior sale at manchester didn't bring up good finds unlike Chrystalline's experience in the dior at london. nonetheless, i was pleasantly surprised to find that they had the lady dior cannage wallet i wanted in store, so i just had to snap it up (after forgoing on getting a mulberry bayswater for 30% off :crybaby:)

    by the way ladies, do dior wallets come with an authenticity card coz mine didn't. i was in a hurry when leaving the store (had to catch the train... which i still missed ANYWAY!) so i didn't realise it till i was on the train and checking out my new wallet. NO AUTHENTICITY CARD! :wtf: the store was rather busy and the SA that served me was sweet, so i'm quite surprised that there wasn't any card (since it wasn't a sale item). i've never bought a wallet from dior before so i really don't know if it comes with a card, but even when i got my watch from dior, there was a card, so i'm guessing wallets should come with a card too. (i reckon i'll ring them up tomorrow and ask about it. gah, it'd probably mean i need to shell out train money & commuting time to get an authenticity card. :push:smile:

    anyway, too much rambling from me.... here are pictures of the wallet. :yes:
    bag.jpg box.jpg cannagedustcover.jpg cannagefront01.jpg cannagefront02.jpg
  2. and more pictures of the interior.

    oops, i just forgot to add a mini side-rant, what's with the box?! it's a bad fit for the wallet and i thought all wallets came in a flat rectangular shaped box rather than this one? i guess the SA was in a hurry... *shrugs* :push:
    cannageinterior.jpg cannagelining.jpg
  3. Oooooh nice one! :heart:

    About the authenticity cards - both my saddle and my wallet didn't have one. :wtf: I realised that when I got home and inspected the interior pocket. Anyway, I called the store, panicking a bit, but they said it was nothing to get worried about. The denim saddle was the last one they had and since it's one of those seasonal designs, if mine gets damaged, they won't be able to get a replacement. :shrugs:

    Anyway, congrats on your wallet. :love:
  4. Oh, sorry Zerodross, i thought the item was on sale.

    I didn't know why yours hasn't got one then. :sad:
  5. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT~! Very cute wallet!
  6. DIES....what a gorgeous wallet!!

    from the thumbnails i thought it was the lady dior with the metal studs, but now i can see that it's preforated with pink underneath..... not my style but i love it anyway LOL
  7. awww zero :hear: ur wallet is TDF :heart: congrats dear .. great purchase

    btw did i told u that i fainted yesterday at my local boutique ? :wtf: they had the LE saddles, actually 9 of them .. Bollywood is TDF, the color IRL is soooo rich ... all of them were Gorgeous ... Ahhhhhh :heart:

    *faints again*
  8. chrystalline: :wtf: yours didn't come with the cards too?! maybe dior's too lazy to give out cards during a sale (hah!). i don't know, even though i did buy it from dior itself and all, i still feel uneasy doing without an authenticity card. it's some crazy psychological thing. i'm still absolutely envious of your fantastic finds at the dior in london though. :drool:

    sunnydqt: thank you! :smile:

    brian: i really wished it were the metal studs too! but i guess this is the next best thing to settle on. they do have the evening cannage clutches with rhinestones (rather than pink perforations) and those are gorgeous, except it's on satin, and it was just..too bright. the new taupe coloured lady dior with rhinestone cannage quilting is TDF though. ;)

    chloe: OMG CHLOEEE!!!!! YOU NEED TO GET THE BOLLYWOOD ONE! then at least someone on TPF would have the precious bag and we can all spend a crazy amount of time fawning over pictures of it. c'mon you know that bollywood saddle is calling out your name! :graucho::graucho:
  9. Congratulations.
  10. J'adore your cannage wallet! I love how there is a bit of the cannage inside the wallet, too! But what a silly box for this wallet.

    I've never purchased a Dior wallet before so I'm not sure if they always come with authenticity cards. Has anyone else purchased a wallet from the boutique?
  11. wow, that is stunning!!!!!!!!!! It is sooo pretty! Congrats!
  12. Your new wallet is absolutely gorgeous! Don't you just love the cannage line? :smile:
  13. thanks for all the lovely words everyone!

    i just called up the dior in manchester and after some waiting, the SA said the card for wallets is different from the bags (?!) but she can mail one out to me since i don't live in manchester. yay! :wlae:
  14. Congrats zerodross!!! Very pretty!!!!!!!
  15. oohh loves it! great wallet!