Look what I got 50% off!!!

  1. This is the Paddington round zipped handbag from the winter collection.I got this 50% at Chloe boutique!!
    Was GBP 921(around $1842)..and I only paid GBP460.5!!I'm so pleased with the price..This is probably the cheapest I've ever paid for a Chloe!:wlae:
  2. OMG you lucked out big time...congrats I absolutley love that bag!:okay::tup::love:
  3. Wow, great deal!! Beautiful bag!!
  4. :tup:What a fantastic bargain - that is a gorgeous bag (I've been eye-ing up that style:drool: ever since I saw the pics of Div modelling her patent version). Such a great feeling to get a beauty like that at such knockdown price - enjoy:smile: !!!
  5. Wow, this is a great deal. Congrats. Lovely bag
  6. Thankx everyone!
    If you are interested there's one on net-a-porter(US site) in patent blue...beautiful color.It's not on sale there though.And NO I do not work for NAP..just want to share where you can get one!I understand how the search is sometimes exhausting ;).
  7. :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:
  8. Thats a great buy! congrats! post modelling pics if you can! i love to see how the size look thanks!
  9. Oh how I love MY bag like that gMbt! I also bought mine at 50% off from a Chloe boutique and I was just ecstatic!! It is still full retail at Neimans and Bergdorfs. Who woulda thunk that a Chloe boutique would have a great sale like that? But I am sure happy they did. COngrats!!!
  10. Congratulations on such a great price on a great bag! We want pictures when you get it!!
  11. Amazing bag!
  12. fantastic bag !!!!! congrats
  13. What color is your bag, I ordered one from Nordstrom's last week (40%) in Tobacco with dk. brown trim, I haven't seen it, so was just curious if this is the same color.

    Oh, and congrats again....you got a super deal!!
  14. Ooh I just checked out your thread and saw your bag!It's gorgeous!:yes:
  15. Mine is in grained patent moka calfskin.
    Tobacco should be brown..so perhaps like mine?Is yours from the winter collection or the spring?I asked the SA and there wasn't any patent coming in for spring as far as she knows..or at least at the beginning of season.