LooK WHAT I g0t for $1900

  1. All Brand New Cerises...Do you think I got a good deal for $1900?

    also got the Perfo Plat for $270


  2. Considering their all brand new and your get three items together ya thats a decent deal! Congrats! Super cute!
  3. Congrats!!! Looks like you got some good deals!
  4. awesome, congrats!
  5. nice, congrats!
  6. Brand new! That's awesome! Enjoy it!
  7. Wow! They are very nice & def. love the perfo as well!
  8. Congrats, the Perfo is STUNNING and the Cerises are too cute!
  9. Wow. You paid a reasonable amount for everything in excellent condition. I love all the cerises items most. Yet the perforated plat is definitely a nice piece.
  10. I think that was a wonderful deal for brand new cerises items! Good job!
  11. You found a great deal! Those cherries have a way...
  12. oh yeah girl that's a good deal alright :p
    i think u just inspired me to take my cerises speedy out today :smile:
    my girl haven't been out in some times
  13. It was worth every penny :heart:
  14. for brand new, I think that is a good new! You definitely don't see brand new cerises speedies come up very often at all nowadays, congrats!
  15. Wow .. :drool: amazing!!