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  1. These were posted on Chic Today
    Attached is the Amanda Python Pippa; Julianne; Amanda Mini and Foldover Clutch; Bonnie Lady Bag and Bonnie Python.

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  2. #2 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    I would kill for that Python Julianne! but I bet it is over 1k - I also like the python Bonnie. I have not gotten this excited about Coach in a while.
    I wonder if I call JAX if they would know how much it is - or have any info. for that matter.
    Do you think they will make a python sabrina? - that would be great.
  3. A few more...

    Parker Leather Shoulder Bag; Metallic Chain Tote; Op Art Tote; Madison Tote and Parker Metallic Convertible Hippie

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  4. This python bag is TDF!!!! [​IMG]
  5. I'm feelin' this one too: [​IMG]
  6. Last bit of goodies...

    Tattoo XL Tote; Parker shoulder flap; Sequin Bonnie and Silver Kisslock.

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  7. I'm sorry the pics uploaded out of order from what I posted. You can get the bag's name by hovering over the pic, sorry!

  8. I just viewed these bags at two gallery stores. They are GORGEOUS!!!!! However, the Sabrina version, which is my personal fav in the blue/green/yellow combo, is $4k, and the Julianne I was told is $6k! I did not check the prices..this is just what the SA told me, and they have been known to be wrong. I'm actually tempted over that Sabrina!! :faint:
  9. I want to live in your purse closet!!!
  10. Baglady, if you get that python sabrina, we will definitely want to see pics! :P
  11. ^^ Ummmm...I said it was "tempting"!! I'm trying to stay away, but seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue/green/yellow version. And they have the matching heels!!!:sweatdrop::faint:

  12. Right now there's no room!! I'm looking at taking over DH's closets.... :P
  13. It figures my dream bag is 6k - forget it -
  14. Too many nice things to pick from!