Look what I found!

  1. :nuts: Look what I found at the NR customer appreciation event!! I was only expecting to find items in Berry but found these instead. :shocked: I can't believe I bought all three! :shame: Does anyone know what color the Stam is? It has the wine suede interior. TIA!!
    20070422_0169 (2).JPG 20070422_0170 (2).JPG 20070422_0172 (2).JPG 20070422_0173 (2).JPG
  2. OMG Melly!!! :nuts: :nuts: That's the best haul!!! I'm so happy for you!! :yahoo: :wlae: Please, please tell me there are more Hudsons available!!
  3. I wish I could but these were the only MJs they had.
  4. OMG.... I just fainted.

    Is that a bordeaux stam from 05?!?!?! OMG it has to be, with the suede interior... I'm gonna collapse...
  5. um HELLO gorgeous stam! How fantastic! What a fantastic haul!

    how do the rest of us get invited to something like this?!?!?
  6. That's okay. I guess I'll be calling some NR's tomorrow to see what they have left. If not, the SA at NMLC I dealt with yesterday called me to say he thinks there might be Elises available at their handbag event Tuesday. *fingers crossed*

    Congrats again! I love, love, love all three bags!!
  7. Ok, I'm revived again... CONGRATS!

    DAMN I knew I should have went to the event today. I'm kicking myself in the ass now...
  8. Wow! Congratulations!!! What gorgeous finds!
  9. OMG. so lucky! which Nordstroms rack and what are the prices. gotta go check out my local NR too
  10. OMG!!! Congratulations!! You are soooo lucky!;)
    Gorgeous bags!:yes:
  11. OMG...Which one did you got to? I thought I got lucky with my Lg multipocket but now that I see your post I don't feel lucky at all. I went to the one in topaga
  12. Wow, thank god someone spent more than me.:p I just got a small mp and 2 pairs of jeans.
    Seriously though, good score those are great bags.
  13. Congrats on your LG MP!

    Ok... now I'm not feeling so bad, it sounds like there wasn't much at this NR after all, right? Did you see anything else that was interesting at the Topanga location?
  14. No not really, They had plenty of true religions($79) and joe jeans. A rack of johnny was, now that stuff was cute and a bunch of sunglasses( fendi, gucci, and juicy) the regular stuff they usually have. The Marc jacob table was very small they didnt have anything great I think my bag was the best:rolleyes: .
    Plus they're having a new arrivals on thurs. so I think they may have been holding out on some of the goodies.
  15. OMG, why are these bags not at my NR? *Sniff* That's one awesome haul; congrats!