look what I found yesterday

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  1. I went to my local LV store with a friend yesterday, after visiting the Dior boutique. I casually asked the SA whether they still have any orange epi products lying around and she told me that it is impossible to get them in stores now. While we were talking, another SA overheard us and said, wait, we just got a mandarin epi speedy shipped here from Paris and it's in the back! They shipped it to my local store without any apparent reason and they think it's by mistake. Needless to say, my purse ban was lifted as soon as I saw it. this was meant to be!:yahoo:

  2. CONGRATS on the find!! I love it when things just happen/are meant to be like that! :yes:
  3. Congrats....it is a great bag!
  4. What a lucky day and a glorious find! Enjoy her, she is a beauty! Congrats!
  5. So gorgeous!

  6. it was definitely fate! yay for the mandarin speedy! so so gorgeous!
  7. thank you! I'm so excited now I can't wait to take her out and show her off. hehe
  8. I LOVE the mandarin Speedy to me that is the best Epi Speedy ever made I am so stupid for not getting one!!
  9. DAMN that is HOT!!! Congrat's
  10. beautiful bag!!
  11. Such great luck! Congratulations! The color is great for the summer!
  12. it is TDF
  13. OMG, I AM SO JEALOUS, LOL!! I cant believe you found the mandarin :nuts: CONGRATS! ITS BEAUTIFUL!
  14. MANDARIIIIN! Its the only epi I like its so beauuutiful ur lucky congrats:heart::smile:
  15. You're a lucky duck!!