Look what i found today!!!!!

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  1. YAY!! I finally bought my petit noe in mandarin!! Been looking for a brand new one for months. Sorry for the flash. yipeeeee!!!:biggrin:

    Isn't the mandarin gorgeous!?:heart: :love:
  2. Great bag!! Love the color!! Enjoy!!!
  3. Great purchase, it looks wonderful.
  4. CUTE! Congrats!
  5. Luna, it's so cute!!!! Mandarin is such a fun & happy color!!

  6. What a pretty color!
  7. Very nice - I love it! Great choice!
  8. YAY for mandarin! :heart: :cool:
  9. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  10. Love the color!
  11. COngrats!!! enjoy your new bag!!!
  12. Love the style and LOOOVVVVE the color ! How fabulous for you.
  13. Thank you everyone for your kind comments!!

    I love the manadrin. It's soo yummy!! Can't wait to take it out.

    P.S. It doesn't smell of cat's pee!!!! :smile:
  14. Mandrarin is the color of the year... congrats on the bag.
  15. LOVE the bag AND the color!!!:love:
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