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  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I was scrolling through a search engine and found these. They are said to be made in Itlay by the same companies who manufacturer for the top lines like Versace. I emailed in and was sent pics of the complete line. I loved them! These are gonna be the hot new "It," bags. Visit WELCOME.
  2. Is this spam? Spam and advertising is not allowed on tPF.
  3. u r kidding about this being the new "it" bag right???
  4. I think they are cute. Its about time for a change i guess
  5. Bluxcape, LMAO! I thought the exact thing when I saw the photos.
  6. I dont know I think the new ones are gonna be hot. I love the two that I have.
  7. total spam
  8. I am confused - what is this site selling? Drawings from a Jr. High art class during the Handbag unit??
  9. I see they've removed the 'coming soon' drawings from the website. Maybe they read this thread! :biggrin:
  10. Can you post pics or describe what the look like?
  11. LOL! I noticed that two. Maybe they are reading this thread!
  12. ROFLMA,

    first thing I thought is this co-worker of DH, would love that blue one...she has the worst taste and the other day she told me she wanted a bright blue slouchy bag.
  13. Well a friend of mine has a cousin who works for them and thats how I got into them. The one I bought is a really soft butter smooth nappa leather and the insides are purple satin. I love it. I was shopping in the store with it today and got stopped by 3 people. My friend says that most of their expensive stuff is only being sold to certain stores and requires being placed on a waiting list. The only bags they will let you see is the cheaper ones like the one I bought for only $175. Thats why I was under the impression that they were cooking up something big. I hope I dont get in trouble for the inside info.
    alpine-padreisland 170.jpg alpine-padreisland 171.jpg alpine-padreisland 196.jpg alpine-padreisland 197.jpg
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