Look what i found outside my building today!

  1. i couldnt beleive my eyes! I live on the 4th floor and spend alot of time just stareing into space, and today i think it paid off! :yahoo:

    I was looking down at the road and spyed this Mini Cooper S with an LV paint job. I was really unsure as to whether i like it or not, it looked really nice on a black car, but at the end of the day its still a fake lol! :sad::shame:

    thats my lucky find for the day tee hee :graucho:

    I had to change my lens sooooo quickly as i couldnt quite capture it with my 55-80 so i stuck on my 80-200 woo hoo!!! glad i keep my cameras near my window - not in a perverted way, honest!!!!!!
  2. Lv delivery car, figured that for NY lol
  3. that's hysterical.. i would not put it on my car, but it's cute.
  4. yeah it is kinnda cute :smile: I live in Portsmouth England, so i wasnt expecting to see any LV anywhere lol!
  5. LOL! Cute !
  6. OMG...:wtf:
  7. I think it's kinda cute, but like you said, it's still fake.
    I prefer the regular racing stripes on my Mini :p
  8. That is very interesting.
  9. You live in Portsmouth? Hey so do I....
  10. ~How cute:biggrin:, that person reallllllyyy LOVESSSS Louie:p~
  11. My oh my.. What have they done to that poor poor Mini :crybaby: I love LV, but not that much as painting my car as a mobile billboard :p
  12. :shocked:
  13. I can't say that I would drive that
  14. i think it's cute! LOL :smile: pretty clever to put it on the top of the car, so if you were looking at it from eye level it's not that visible, but for someone like you on a higher building, LOL, pretty eye catching!
  15. Tacky but entertaining!! Thanks for posting this!