Look what I found on Kooba.com!!!

  1. I have been after this bag for a long time, but it's from a couple of seasons ago and it's been really hard to find (especially a new one)...Just happened to browse the Kooba site and there it was, they could only have had one, as soon as I ordered mine, there was no more Cognac. Was a bit worried it would have Lilac lining, think it looks lovely in the Ivory, but really wanted that rich green of the original in the Cognac.

    My only disappointment is that, typically, an eBay seller just listed this and I could have saved myself some money...

    Anyway, here she is: Kooba Sienna in Cognac (love her already:heart:)


  2. I know what you mean.. I feel like that sometimes too if I see someone selling it on eBay, BUT you have no worries here since it's from Kooba.com itself, so it's perfect and absolutely authentic. Congrats!!
  3. Beautiful bag, and a great, great bargain. I am so leary of eBay....
  4. Oh Maggie...Congrats! A smooth leathered Sienna is hard to come by. Where did you see it? In the sale section? Or main page? You are gonna love this bag a long time.
  5. Here's the one on ebay. Reputable seller too! Not often can you find a smooth leather and know it's real too. I think this might have been one out of 3 or 4 that were real in the list of Ebay Siennas.

    There were some bad fakes up. A brownish orange one with plastic wrapped handles. And there was one that baffled me. I can't imagine Kooba ever made this bag but correct me if I'm wrong. A white Sienna with glittery gold whipstitching???

  6. You lucky dawg, that is a beautiful Sienna.
  7. Thanks girls, it really is a great bag!:smile:

    Yep Lexie, that's the ebay auction, good seller as well, so I think it would have been fine...just paid $649 (with intl shipping) instead of $395 + shipping, but that's the way it goes. Was toying with the idea of returning this one and go for the one on ebay, but it would have meant shipping costs back to Kooba and then waiting (and hoping nothing went wrong) for my refund and in the end it seemed like to much hassle...Had I lived in the US, it would have been the way to go, but I always hold my breath a bit when I've spent quite a bit of money and it's being shipped from overseas...but I've gotta tell you, so far (I'm going to jinx it now), I've never had any trouble, this was shipped on Wednesday and arrived here today, pretty good, considering we've just had Easter holiday. So I'm not going to think about the ebay one anymore and just enjoy this gorgeous bag:heart:

    Lexie, she was listed on the main page, got no idea what made me look, they haven't had anything but cream and sometimes black for ages...

    Sienna with gold whipstitching, right, now I've seen it all, LOL
  8. And BTW, I had my stuff in this bag and was out the door with her within the hour, couldn't wait to use it:biggrin:
  9. Congrats on your find! Don't feel too bad about ebay - just add that seller to your list of favourites and you'll know who to check for future Kooba purchases!

    And Lexie? Since you're the high priestess of Kooba finds, if you ever find a Kooba like YOURS in that army metallic green - let me know ok??? :graucho:
    I love it so so much!
  10. I think the Sienna in Gold whipstitching was made when they first introduced the Sienna I remember seeing it featured in a Allure magazine as an alternative to some chloe bag.
  11. Congrats! The Sienna is a great bag!
  12. Congrats! Beautiful bag!
  13. So the white with gold whipstitching is real? Hmmm. Makes me wonder what they were thinking cause it looks tacky to me...but then so is that multi-colored fur colored Sienna.

    As far as the Metallic Army Sienna. I haven't seen one since I got mine. I got my Scarlett when they were still plentiful, but the Sienna I found on ebay with a BIN of 199 and I hit that button QUICK! I recall last year they put out Siennas in a new color called Bronze (or something similar) and I swear it was the Metallic Army color renamed. But they soon disappeared too. I kinda feel like I go something rare in these 2 bags. I just don't see them around anymore anywhere.
  14. Yes, this is a great seller. I got my Parker from her and she was a breeze to work with.
  15. Yikes! That's a lot of bling! Well, maybe it would appeal to someone who likes a lot of flash. If you like Baby Phat I can totally see someone liking this one.

    I doubt I'll ever get my hands on that Army metallic Lex, but I know if it's out there, there's a good chance you'll find it first. :yes: