Look what I found on Bluefly....


Jan 23, 2006
Over the rainbow
Yummy! I think Beyonce wears a BV in Pink Panther, a light blue Ball bag, maybe. Looks like the BV Moe got~

Thanks to this forum, I am getting more and more sensitive to bags, anywhere I see them LOL


Sep 13, 2005
Sweetea said:
Noriko that's a gorgeous BV!! I never seen this color on this style anywhere!! Is this a new color for 2006? How long have you had the bag if you don't mind me asking. Ohhh I wonder what other color are there for this style?? Beautiful!!
I don't think its a new color :biggrin: I got it at the a gala event I went to a while back. Some of the boutiques were auctioning items that they don't usually stock, so I ended up snagging this and the red detective saddle bag from Dior :love: The party was at the tail end of last year, I think I posted pics a while ago. Thanks for the compliments! I love this bag/color too, its one of the more functional bags I have. If the color werent as loud it could easily be an everyday bag:amuse: