Look what I found on Bluefly....

  1. What do you think?...Its a Bottega Veneta hobo.....$1304
  2. Wow, nice!
  3. I've seen this bag IRL. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  4. It's gorgeous...are you thinking about getting it?
  5. not sure...i am actually looking for a bag in a lighter brown, cognac color...but it IS pretty.....:worried:
  6. OOoo:huh:OO that is NICE! get it!!!
  7. Is it big? I saw this and the dimensions looked huge....
  8. GUESS WHAT!!!! Its gone!!!! I went back to check out the dimensions again....and poof!!! GONE...oh well, wasnt meant to be:sad2:
  9. It might come back again. I kept seeing this same bag resurface from time to time.
  10. Beautiful! I have that bag in a purple color :biggrin: I think its the same bag anyway :lol:

  11. I love my BV.. get it!
  12. Noriko that's a gorgeous BV!! I never seen this color on this style anywhere!! Is this a new color for 2006? How long have you had the bag if you don't mind me asking. Ohhh I wonder what other color are there for this style?? Beautiful!!
  13. That is the most yummy color!!! I love it!
  14. Here's one from NM. It's $1260. I actually like the look of this one!

  15. ^^ Addicted--that's really pretty!