Look what I found! New MONO & DAMIER MENS' TOTES!

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  1. [​IMG]
    Look what I found the Japanese LV site. Details are sketchy (I can't read Jap), but I know it is priced at 105,000 YEN, or around USD1000, it measures 12 cm by 38 cm by 36 cm, and from what i can find online, 2 finishes, one in Monogram, and one in Damier.

    Can't wait to see if I get lay my hands on one! Or both! :wlae:
    Just praying it ain't a Japan-only exclusive...
  2. Nice!!!!
  3. Nice.... just wish they had vachetta and were a bit bigger
  4. The Monogram one looks really good! :drool:
  5. i got my eye and heart set on the monogram too!
  6. oooh... are these the Beaubourg totes??? i think i want the Damier :nuts:
  7. i really cant tell mr duck, all in jap! heh!
  8. Wow, so nice !! I love the monogram too!! :drool:
  9. yep thatsthe beauborgue or w/e
  10. OMG So Nice! I think I want both! :nuts:
  11. Yep that's it DD
  12. They're both looking nice!
  13. I love them!
  14. thanks for sharing!
  15. Love them. I saw both on LV Japan today. Will try to grab one in May :biggrin: