Look what I found in my backyard!

  1. [​IMG]

  2. :sad: i cant see the pics hun :sad:
  3. let's see now
    Venado1.jpg Venado2.jpg
  4. Awww! I love deer -- so gentle and graceful:smile:
  5. too cute
  6. Sweet.
  7. aaw did he pay u a long visit? or was just passing by? when i look at them i always think of Bambi and my heart just melts ...:heart:
  8. He/she was there for around three minutes, but when DH got out to take closer pics, he ran away!! At least we took good pictures!
  9. Beautiful!
  10. Wow! Do you frequently have deer? They are so common-place in my yard. They're here day in and day out, but that may be b/c of where we live.

    Aren't they pretty, though? So many people are annoyed with them b/c they eat their plants, but I have mixed feelings. Mostly, I just enjoy watching them.:smile:
  11. Deer are such beautiful animals, we feed them in our backyard, they will even come up to our house to eat our shrubs! DH thinks it is "prime hunting" when they come up like that, till I kick him in the balls!
  12. good girl!! lol

    I love and adore deer, I think they are so beautiful.:heart:
  13. Gorgeous pic!!!! Thanks for posting!!!!
  14. We see them every once in a while but usually is very difficult to take pictures of them wihout them running away. I used to live in Puerto Rico which we don't have Deers and that's why I'm so fascinated by them!!:smile:
  15. She looks really sweet. We get a ton of deer where I live, whole families, too. Usually a doe, stag and at least three fawns.