Look what I found at TJMaxx today!! So Excited!

  1. After finding an Andrew Marc at my local Marshalls yesterday, I decided to take a ride this afternoon & visit TJMaxx. There isn't one that close to me, but I've been hearing of some great finds there & figured if Marshalls had Andrew Marc, maybe I'll find something better at TJM - well, I FOUND SOMETHING BETTER!!!

    While looking through all the purse racks (and there were A LOT of bags to look thru!), I came across a couple of Michael Kors handbags - these were not the Michael by MK line, but rather his higher, couture line. They still had the original tags on them, which were approx $1400. I think TJM's prices were around $400. They were both large shoulder (hobo) bags - one was suede & one had fringe, but I wasn't really caring for them, until....

    I found this bag stuck in between a couple lower priced bags. There were no tags on the bag other than TJM's pricetag which was $299. I looked inside but couldn't find a designer's name. I couldn't figure out who this designer could be (for $300) w/no nameplate or tag inside, when I noticed the Michael Kors nameplate on the outside of the bag.

    The bag is made of amazingly soft brown leather and lined with rich brown chocolate suede. There's even a small change purse that comes with the bag. I was really liking this bag. There were some minor scuffs on the outside, but I figured I could smooth those out w/a conditioner.

    They also had quite a few Cole Haan bags, including a couple of the Village Weave bags. I've actually been wanting one of those since I saw Kate Hudson carrying her CH Domed Satchel. They didn't have the domed satchel, but they did have a smaller shoulder bag and another larger bag that reminded me of an Anna Corinna style. I debated on both styles & decided on the shoulder bag.

    I put both bags on lay-away, along with a few clothing items I found (Vince tops - Luv Vince!!). When I got home I decided to do a little looking around. It turns out that the Michael Kors I got is a current style - selling at NM for $1195! It's the MK ID Chain Satchel bag:

    And this is the Cole Haan bag that I got:


    I am so excited and cannot wait to pick these bags up!! Both bags together totaled around $600 (the MK bag was $299, the CH $229). The MK bag is really a gorgeous looking bag! I totally would have loved this bag even if I had seen it at NM, Saks or Nordstroms. But to find it at TJMaxx - I hardly could believe it! I've heard some stories on TPF of people finding Isabella Fiore and even Marc by MJ at their local TJMaxx, but I never thought I'd get so lucky. I'm so glad I decided to make the trip today. I'll definitely be visiting this store on a more regular basis!

    Sorry for the length - but I just had to share. My DH and children just aren't interested & don't appreciate the bargain that I got!!!!
  2. Congrats! Those are some awesome finds!! Please be sure to post pics once you bring your babies home!
  3. Awesome finds. You had better luck than I did.
  4. I never have that kind of luck. Yeah for you though!!
  5. Congrats on your great finds! :tup:
  6. AMAZING finds!!! i LOVEEE the michael kor's bag especially!! i'm going to visit my tj maxx tomorrow!!!
  7. Wow, what a deal. Congrats!!
  8. I've never had that kind of luck, but you give me hope! Have fun with your new bags:tup:
  9. Those are some gorgeous bags! Especially the MK Satchel with the chain. You certainly have the eye for an attractive bag. The Cole Haan is nice, too. Great finds! Carry them in good health and enjoy!
  10. so cool!!!!
  11. Congrats! TJ Maxx is my favorite place!
  12. Fantastic bargain! You have good purse karma! Congrats on your finds.
  13. Lucky you!
  14. Thank you all! I know I sound like most of you most of the time - I never ever seem to find the GREAT deals. I've gotten a few lucky finds - A MK Astor Satchel, my favorite denim jacket from 7, a couple pair of Tahari shoes - but I've never found anything that's really worth big $$. I was really, really surprised to find a MK bag w/a retail price of more than $1k. And not just one, but three of them!

    The other two were large shoulder bags - one was suede & leather and had a foil-like lining. The other bag was luggage colored leather with fringe all across the front. In all honesty, the bag seemed very cheap to me. It sure didn't feel like a $1400 bag should feel. The only thing I'm disappointed in is that there were no sleepers w/any of the MK bags. I know I have extra sleepers, but it would be nice to have the matching sleeper. Does anyone know if the MJ sleepers are the same as the sleepers for the Michael by MK bags (that mesh-like cotton) or are does he use flannel sleepers for the more expensive bags?
  15. Awsome deal on that Michael Kors bag! Almost seems like someone made a mistake or didn't know what they were selling when they priced it. I've seen Isabella Fiore, Michael by Michael Kors, Cole Haan, Coach, etc. at TJ Maxx but you really scored with that satchel. Enjoy!