Look what I found at TJMAXX & Stein Mart today!

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  1. Not sure what year these are from since I just recently got into Coach. But I thought these were adorable. I figured that I can give these as Christmas gifts. They were only $14.99 each!!! :yahoo:
    purses 002.jpg purses 003.jpg purses 004.jpg
  2. Wow! Never saw any of those! How cute! I especially like the little gift box key fob! Good Find!:tup:
  3. I can't wait for my local TJmaxx to open up this weekend. Hopefully I will find some good stuff there. I've never been to one.
  4. Cute!
    I volunteer to receive the fringed one in the middle for christmas!
  5. Cute stuff!!
  6. Amesome finds! You are so lucky!!
  7. Those are so cute and at a great price too!
  8. LUCKY! I have wanted that gift box keyfob forever!!!
  9. Those are so cute! My TX Maxx and Marshalls NEVER have any Coach at all!!!
  10. The first 2 are from 05, I believe. Never seen the gift box before-totally adorable! What great deals!
  11. Those are adorable! I have only found bags in my Marshall and TJMAX visits, I'm going to keep my eye out next time!
  12. Thanks Girls! You may all want to check your local TJ MAXX this Sunday(Oct. 21st). I received an email from them saying that a shipment of "New Designer Handbags" are going to be arriving at my local store. They may have been stocking the shelves early or something but I know for a fact that these keyfobs were not there at the beginning of the week. I only stopped in to return something and did a quick swoop around the purse department and "accidentally" found them.
  13. Wow! Lovely goods! Congrats on ur adorable finds! Which ones were from TJ maxx and which from Stein mart? I've never heard of Stein mart...are they like TJ Maxx?
  14. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to look tomorrow!!
  15. Mintpearl,
    The one with the pink bow is from TJ MAXX. The fringe and the gift box are from Stein Mart. They also had a "lucky charm" keyfob too. It had like the horseshoe, the number 7, the clover leaf, etc. on it. I didn't get it but it was also very cute. Stein Mart is a popular store in Florida. It's very much like TJ MAXX & Marshalls. It's got your home department, shoes department, men & women's clothes, purses, jewelry, etc. Every Fridays, there's extra 30-75% markdowns. You would like it.