Look what I found at my neighbourhood consignment store!!

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  1. So here's the story...:P

    DH got the call from work that my MBMJ Posh Turnlock Super K bag had arrived today ( eBay win), we packed up the kids and were about to leave to go pick it up, when the phone rang...I answered it, and it was my SA from our neighbourhood consignment store, letting me know that they had gotten a few LV items in, and that I should come down to check them out.

    Well, naturally, I was really interested...but we were going to pick up my MBMJ...and after this one, I'm officially on a SERIOUS BAN!!!:crybaby: So, I decided not to mention anything to DH and just pass up the opportunity...

    When I got to the the car, DH asked me who had called and I just said, "Oh, no one...just the SA from the consignment store - nothing important." :sweatdrop:

    DH asked what she wanted, so I told him, but didn't even mention that I wanted to go - coz I was so sure it would be out of the question...

    But DH said, "Oh, we should go - you should at least take a look at the items..." :nuts:

    And I came home with these...

    LV Mini Monogram Lucille PM TST - $289!!!

    LV Mini Monogram Juliette North-South - $98!!!

    My DH just couldn't let me pass up LV at that price! Isn't he a DARLING!!!?? :love:

    Okay...NOW I'm on a SERIOUS BAN! :sweatdrop:
  2. and a little Prada Coin Pouch - for DH :love: - $29!!!!!


    lol...I guess it was the very least I could do for him...:P:sweatdrop:

    TOTAL including taxes for this LV & Prada shopping trip? $457.03!!!! :nuts:
  3. Wow! You got two great deals! And a REALLY understanding husband!!! Lucky! Congrats on two great finds!
  4. Three great deals! I was typing before you even finished posting...LOL! :smile:
  5. OMG - amazing haul ! Congrats ! :yes:
  6. Those are some great deals! I love the bags they are so cute, and perfect for the spring. I love the color!!! Congrats
  7. Thanks, mariah9999, ayla & jen6292! I was shocked when I got to the consignment store - and apparently they'd called a few people to come see them, but I was the first one there! :P But what REALLY shocked me, was that DH was okay with it - especially since he's been adamant that I'm on a ban after my last purchase (MBMJ)!:nuts:
  8. Great finds...I wish we had a consignment shop like that around here!
  9. Don't be shocked.. just hope and hope this happens more often ! :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  10. Wow!!!!!! Great finds. Enjoy them!
  11. That's wonderful...I love happy stories and couples who understand each other.
    The bags and coin pouch were great steals.
  12. Lovely finds!!
    Aren't you glad you passed by!!
  13. WOW good finds! You do girl!!!
  14. That's so cool! congrats
  15. Wow, absolutely AMAZING finds - I need to go visit that store immediately! :P Congrats!