Look what I found at Macys

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  1. I did a little shopping at Macys yesterday. I was looking for this one in berry, but I couldn't just pass up the black. :smile: She was supposed to be full price, but someone accidentally put her in the 30% off case. Because it was their mistake, they took 30% off and honored the additional 20% off for the Red sale. The question is, do I really need it in berry and black?


    I still have the Claire and Madison shoulder bag I was trying to decide between. Now I have to throw the Tribeca in the ring. I only need to have one black bag, so now I have to decide between 3. :wacko:
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    Wow, you scored a great deal. For your black bag, if you have to keep one, I still say the Madison Shoulder Bag, I am smitten with that bag! Or, you can just keep them all, the more the merrier!
  3. I am loving the Tribeca, but I will find her in berry. Then I think I don't need both berry and black, but it was such a good deal. I know I don't need both Tribecas and one of the Madisons, but I can't bring myself to return anything either!
  4. How much are they going for at macy's? I want a Navy one so bad!
  5. You sound like me, I hate returning anything, let alone something that was such a fabulous deal. You'd have to literally pry a bag out of my hands sometimes! The Tribeca is so pretty and the berry is def. my fav color in the style. Man, I'd hate to be in your position right now having to choose, I know how hard it is!!
  6. You know? I saw that bag and since day one I want it!!!! See my wishlist??? Unfortunately I can not buy anymore bags. However, if I see her at a really good price and I have the cash I'll get her
  7. I have seen Navy ones at the outlet and at Macys for 30% off. Macys was doing an additional 20% off sale prices over the weekend, so I go it for $166.
  8. ^^^ Nice!!! My outlets still haven't gotten them. I'm thinking they never will.
    I would have a hard time giving it up. I would love the berry too! But I own multiples of items so I'm not one to suggest giving it up! I would have to own both.
  9. Very nice Tribeca. I have the Claire in black leather and love it! The short strap on the Madison shoulder bag isn't long enough, if that makes sense.
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    Hmmmm...that is a tough decision IF you are trying to keep only 1. All 3 are great bags! I have the Tribeca in berry and love it. I try not to get multiples of the same bag - but I was actually thinking of getting it in the black leather too before it goes away. Not that I need it-but I am LOVING this bag and one would be patent and one would be leather (my justification...he he). I love the shape and you can leave it unzipped and access everything really easily if you want to...or zip it up for security. It is just the perfect size/shape for me. I actually almost didn't buy it because I don't usually buy bags with any sort of chain on it..but now I actually like how they did the staps because they stay out of the way when you are getting in and out of your bag.

    So, I don't know if I am helping you or not....but I guess my point is- yes, I would have 2 Tribecas because I love the bag so much. Now, the Claire is a great bag because you can hand carry or shoulder carry. That is a good reason to keep that one...and it is very classy looking. But if for some reason that is not the right shape/size for you, then don't keep it. I saw the Madison shoulder bag at the outlet and loved it, but found the short strap too short, and the long shoulder strap too long. But I am short. So I did not get that one. Sounds like we have the same exact taste in Coach! HTH :smile:

    One question...I was looking for a black claire...when shoulder carrying it does it slip off your shoulder of stay on? Thanks!!
  11. Not to totally highjack sandc's thread, but I have wanted a shoulder bag for a while, and it was just one that fell by the wayside. Ever since OP showed off her black one not too long ago, I have been obsessing! I'm always late it seems! :P
  12. such a hard decision! my personal policy is trying really hard to have only one of each style and not 2 colors of the same bag (or 2 bags that are the very same color).

    quote "One question...I was looking for a black claire...when shoulder carrying it does it slip off your shoulder of stay on? Thanks!! "

    to hijack and answer that, i love the claire so much, it stays on the shoulder if you give stabilize/help it by holding it up. i love carrying it satchel-style so i don't use it while out with my 2 year old =o) its a work bag
  13. The Black Tribeca tote is very nice!!!
    I would keep her!!!
    I saw Navy and the Gold Patent Tribecas at my outlet!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. congrats!!
  15. That leather looks so soft!