Look what I found at LV today! I guess you could say my gift to myself?

  1. Wow I can't believe I found one of these... guess what it is?!? :yahoo:


    DSC00832.JPG DSC00833.JPG
  2. :nuts: tell me ...tell me
  3. come on tell us! lol! Is it a cles!?
  4. A heart purse!?
  5. Unh uh! This is CRUEL! Pics Pics!
  6. Cles.. pff.. hehe ;)

    Nope, I bet you would have never guessed VEGAS BRACELET!!


    DSC00834.JPG DSC00835.JPG
  7. wow! I am drooling! That is soooooooo pretty! Congrats!
  8. OOOH! It's gorgeous! Congrats!!
  9. Thank you ladies!

    Oh Vegas bracelet "I Lup Chu!" hehe like my dad would say =)
  10. wow, what a pretty bracelet!!!:smile:
  11. Aww congrats!!
    I love my Vegas bracelet...don't be afraid to wear it a LOT. I've worn mine for days at a time (avoid water with it though, of course) and it's gorgeous!
  12. Pretty!! Congrats!!!!
  13. Congrats!
  14. so nice...congrats!!!
  15. very nice - saw it on the website and liked it from the first glance