LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! And its cheaper than my MU!!!

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  1. To my fellow Bb:heart:g addicts here at TPF,

    I bought a black weekender 2 days ago, my new purchase's missing the dustbag n paper tags. I got just the bag n mirror n split tassels as they are still attached to it, the seller couldn't even find the dustbag (it was passed to me just like this... thrown across my chair in the office!) so let's not probe about the extra tassels or papertags, coz IMO its in more than decent condition!!! :nuts:

    However the previous owner is unsure about the year he purchased it. I'm really curious what year my 'new' bag's from as none of my bbag has leather like that... (oldest being 06 to date.) This bag's leather is amazing... jet black, smoooshy and lusciously thick... love love love!!!


    Silver tag says:

    My original plan was to re-sell it to finance my 09 Bbag purchases but I think he might just be a keeper! :graucho:
  2. I might be wrong, but it looks like an 05!

    Gorgeous bag by the way!!!!
  3. yup, looks like it's f/w 2005!
  4. OMG! What treasure find and you said it is cheaper than your MU? This is too much!
  5. OMG. Just fainted..... pick me up off of the ground..... score of all scores.... I am breathless.
  6. A big score for a Bal sis! How joyful!
  7. OMG that is so GORGEOUS & it's cheaper than MU??? CONGRATS on the huge score!!!
  8. Amazing! :drool: What a great bargain too, congrats :yahoo:
  9. How lucky..
    we are bag twins!
  10. OMG! This is the most gorgeous black WE I've seen yet! Absolutely delicious! CONGRATS! Can we see some modeling pics by chance? :graucho:
  11. How is that possible? :nuts: Congrats on a great deal, it's a gorgeous WE!
  12. omg, you are crazy lucky! that is gorgeous!!!
  13. BEAUTIFUL!! Where oh where did you score this?!!?!
  14. WOW, WHAT A BEAUTY! :graucho::graucho::graucho::drool::drool::drool: AND WHO CARES ABOUT THE CARDS, DUSTBAG, ETC., WHEN IT LOOKS LIKE THIS!
  15. I want to jump into that big pile of smoosh!!

    What an amazing score, major congrats!