look what i found a walgreens!

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  1. i was picking up my perscriptions at walgreens this evening, and while at the checkout line, i found these purse hooks! now i know this is a little silly, but i HAD to buy it...especially for $10! ill put it to the test this weekend. :supacool:

  2. That's a really cool idea. Let us know how it works after you "test drive" it!
  3. It does seem silly, but who wants to put their bag on the floor? My family knows that we have to have an extra seat for my bag. Let us know how it works.
  4. Yes, very interesting! Is it magnetic?
  5. the bottom of the hook is covered in soft foam. and look, it really works! i hung my bag from the counter at work and it was really secure. i cant wait to use it irl!
    Photo 34.jpg
  6. Love your MJ! It's gorgeous, and I don't like putting mine on the floor either.

  7. That is so cool!!! It's like a little display too ;) Honestly I have the best boss though, lol. When we moved into this building, he installed a "purse shelf" next to my desk. no joke lol! If I didn't have that though, I'd be all over those hooks. I hate putting my bags on the floor or hidden in a drawer.
  8. Will have to look for one of these...Thanks for the info.
  9. no problem :smile: it was right next to the registers, along with all the other odds and ends. a lot cheaper than the holders ive seen for sale on the internet!
  10. CVS has them too. My girlfriend got me and herself a set at Bed Bath and Beyond. I have found them totally useful. Go for it!
  11. That's genius! When I'm at family restaurants (pretty much all we go to because of our munchkin) the floors are so gross that my purse stays on my lap at all times.
  12. I posted a thread but it was shut down by one of the mods because they said there was a thread already... I use mine and I found it at JC Penneys. I bought some for the other purse freaks in my family.
  13. It's at CVS? I'm going to hit mine ASAP!
  14. Awesome! I'm always worried my babies will pick up dirt or be stepped on lying on the floor. This seems like a great idea! Although we all might look a lil' crazy lol/
  15. I've always wanted one of those, I think I'll get my bf to get me one next time we're at walgreens.