Look what I dragged in from LV Palo Alto

  1. Went back to Palo Alto today. Went to trade in my chanel sunnies for another. Then, I thought I'd stop at LV (I heard the red epi Alma call my name) Kevin, my SA was there. I was looking at the red epi speedy and Alma. Honu, one of the pf'ers was there also. She was picking up a bag for her mother:love: . She liked the alma also and do did a couple of the SA's there who were helping me.I decided on the Alma. Love the shape. The color is gorgeous and it has the silver hardware. I :heart: red right now. I bought a dark red chanel east/west in Hawaii a few weeks ago and returned it. I was not loving the almost burgundy color. Wanted a nice lipstick red and the red epi Alma just satisfied my craving, yay:yahoo: . I wasn't sure if dh will like the alma since he did not like it when I showed him the damier alma in Hawaii. But, surprise, dh likes it. He loves the red. He says that it goes with the patent leather red shoes I bought yesterday (yes, I was on a shopping binge also yesterday, bought a few things, but we'll talk about that later, hee hee). He was right, I forgot about those shoes. What a sweetheart dh is:love: . So he volunteers to take pics so I can post it. Awww, the pics are not coming out. I'll post pics in few mins.
  2. Congrats on your purchase !
  3. Congrats! Hmmm, I clicked on the thumbnail pic but it didn't show up... I really wanted to see the hardware on the bag. Is it golden or silver tone? I'm a golden girl myself. Heeheeheehee.
  4. Omg I Love It!:nuts::yahoo:
  5. It's silver the new hardware for the red epi alma. I don't know why the thumbnail pic won't show up:hysteric: Can someone help?
  6. :heart: :heart: congrats!! chanelvgirl!! looks like a few of us went shopping at LV in the bay area huh?? I love your red epi alma...it look gorgeous on you...hopefully the pic works later on I wanna see you new shoes too!:heart: :heart:
  7. It looks great, and I love the red.
  8. Congrats...Stunning color..

    :sad: Can't open the thumbnail..
  9. I :heart: your Alma!!! The color is gorgeous! I'm glad that you picked that one....the blue red was just stunning!! :nuts:
  10. Gorgeous color! Congrats!
  11. So pretty! I love it in red :heart:
  12. Here are better pics, hopefully
  13. Thanks ajamesgrly. I guess some of us were in a shopping spree this weekend, lol. I wasn't really going to buy anything today, but I had a terrible itch when I saw the Alma:love: The pics work now, thanks to Honu, she helped me out with the pics.

    Here's a pic of the red shoes:love:
  14. Congrats!!!:yahoo: Such a lovely colour...nice shoes too:graucho: They looks great on you!!
  15. GORGEOUS BAG!!! Congrats on all your purchases!