look what i did..

  1. i broke my purse ban..:crybaby:

    anyway wanna guess what i got?

    i am seriously stopping from now on
  2. OMG another tease LOL

    DO TELL :biggrin:
  3. If I know my buddy...its a Damie.....hummmmmmm

    My guess is....Knighbridge?:nuts:
  4. rensky - that didn't last long LOL!
  5. already?!? haha hmm I always guess wrong.. so ill just wait for the answers haha
  6. i think i'll get the knightbridge when im a bit older...i feel it's too mature for me :P


    (now doesn't it make it 10000000x harder to guess?)
  8. LOL me, too!
  9. is it what we talked about on MSN :graucho:?

    if it is, then I KNOW I KNOW!!! :choochoo:
  10. i'm jealous!
  11. i know...............................:crybaby:

  12. shhhhhhhhhh.... :lol:

  13. Tell us, Tell us, Tell us!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

  14. what is it??? do tell..;) :graucho:
  15. Tell us.
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