Look What I Did!

  1. I combined my two favorite passions, coffee and sewing and created this lovely tote! This one is not for sale, I made it for me. Next "me" project is a stadium tote with baseball stuff on it, another passion of mine.
    Acrylic tortoise shell handles, real leather trim, 100% cotton lining and shell. That's Phoebe's tail you see peeking out from behind.
    I had some really cool retro buttons in my huge stash which are square and went with the print really well! Phoebe stopped trying to chew the leather long enough to notice I was taking pictures. She laid down right in plain view. I didn't have the heart to move her, so Phoebe stayed in the picture.
    A better view of the coffee bean print I used on both sides and some of the detachable pockets I put inside. I did not take pics of the inside because I have my stuff in it already. But, there is a key fob, zippered card pouch, change purse, eyeglass case and a zippered pocket which does not detach. There is also a tan liner inside with swirlies printed on it. I like a light liner for my purses because I can't see anything inside a black or dark bag. Phoebe's in this one, too. She never turns to face the camera, but I know she loves having her picture taken. I let her think she was getting away with something.
    I hope you like the photos!
  2. Cute! I have always wished I could sew, because I would make every designer bag that I like, and just change it into the perfect bag for me. I would get unique and make the color exactly what I wanted, and add fringe or pockets and make a different size. There are a lot of bags I like a lot that are just a little too small to be practical for me! I would spend a fortune buying the materials, though. I really have wanted for ages to do some designing myself. I even tried to change my major way back in college but my parents said no.:shrugs:
  3. Very cute!
  4. So cute! Sewing is a great hobby.
  5. Cute! I used to sew, knit, and crochette! Now I just need to find the time to do that again.
  6. The tote's cute! Can we have more pics of Phoebe, please? :smile:
  7. Phoebe says okay! She likes purses, too. That's her you see in my logo and avatar. All my other cats run when I pull out the camera.
    This is Phoebe on her purse. I had to give it to her, because she was always in it and she chewed up the tassel. Okay, I could have replaced the tassel and maybe got most of the cat fur off, but well, she's spoiled.
  8. Keeps me sane and it's great I get to make a living at what I love to do. I do stuff for me as stress relief.
  9. So cute :smile:!
  10. Very nice!
  11. What a cute bag! I wish I was the least bit creative.
  12. Very very cute!!
  13. cute!!! love your art works :P
  14. great bag! I'm sure you'll get a lot of attention with it!