Look what i did to my mom!

  1. last week i was in NYC w/the fam for vacation. all week i kept telling my mom to get a LV. the answer was always no until the 2nd to last day of our visit. she finally said she wanted one! i thought she was joking at first since she isnt one to spend $$$$ on a purse like i am:angel: so we went to macy's and she bought the BH!!! we are twins..how cute! i was so excited to tell her the proper care of a LV. lets she what she buys next...
  2. awwww you and ur mom can be twins ^__-
  3. Awwww, your mom is so beautiful.

    Tell her I said: "Congrats on your new LV!"
  4. aww congrats on her purchase
  5. Awesome! That's really cute. ;)
  6. yay congrats to your mom
    nice enabling job..well done ;)
  7. haha, that's awesome! aw your mom is so cute. =)
  8. awww...you mom is beautiful! Congrats on enabling her to buy LV!
  9. your mom is beautiful! congrats on the twin lvs! :tup:
  10. Wow your mom look so elegant!! I bet the LV will look great on her !! :biggrin:
  11. Your mom is so pretty! congrats on her new purchase!!
  12. That's really pretty! Cute twins! :yahoo:
    Absolutely, your mom looks beautiful. :love:
  13. How fun, I hope she enjoys her new bag! I can't wait to see what she gets next! LOL
  14. You both have great taste! :tup:
  15. Your mom looks gorgeous and very young. You could be sisters. Tell her "congrats on her new LV."