Look what I came home with today

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  1. So I went to Houston Galleria today to browse around to see which bag caught my eyes. I went to Fendi and of course I loved the spy, but I think I would get that once I graduate. I tried the chloe paddington, a couple of channels, some LV, the Christian Dior saddle--none of them did it for me except this Gucci. What do you guys think.
    gucci 004.jpg gucci 006.jpg gucci 007.jpg
  2. You, your home and that bag are FAB!!

    I wish I could've met you there, I miss Houston and my favorite restaurants!:crybaby:
  3. awwww, thank you.
  4. I love it!!! That looks Grrrreat on you. Congrats!
  5. That is one of the best Gucci's I have ever seen. Congrats!

  6. Thank you.
  7. Thank you, after the horsebit, this is my other favorite one.
  8. cute! and so is the dog in your icon!

  9. Thank you.
  10. Thank you Swanky--sorry for the double thread.
  11. I'm sorry! I just try hard to stay consistent! ;)
    No worries!
  12. Oh I love that bag! It's so unusual!!!
  13. Ive never seen that style before. It sooo hot! Congrats!
  14. I love that bag...and it really does look fab on you. NICE!!!
  15. that bag looks amazing on you! congrats!
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