Look What I Brought Home... Pics

  1. My DH took me to Coach this past SAT. and bought me these ADORABLE shoes :yahoo:. I just adore them they match my Legacy wallet and wristlet. I am now after the Legacy bracelet and ponytail scarf as well and a bag that would go GREAT. Never seen a bag there that was a have 2 have it, however I did like the tattersall print wallet, it was so cute. Just wanted to share with you guys.
  2. Cute shoes !!! I wanted them too but they didn't have my size at the store.
  3. Those are adorable and sweet hubby, too :smile:
  4. I have these exact shoes. I got it during the PCE and they are awesome! CONGRATS!!!
  5. i love them!! =]
  6. So cute! Congrats!!
  7. Congrats!!! Any modeling pics with your other Legacy items?
  8. Cute shoes! I love anything with Legacy Stripe!
  9. How cute!!!! I love those flats. Congrats!!!
  10. Nice shoes! I just love the legacy stripes. Congrats!
  11. i have those in the biggest size they make 11!!
  12. Thanks everyone!!! I have not got the chance to wear them yet but I cant wait.
  13. Are these gorgeous shoes on sale right now?
  14. Congrats, those are STUNNING!
  15. Nice!! Congrats, Love 'em!