Look what I brought home!!!! I love them! PIX

  1. I bought a pair of LV snake skin and lamb skin mix sandals with multi printed satin insole...I love these sandals so much.....I wanted white sandals for the summer and these are just perfect! I am just worried about the satin part getting dirty.....anyone with good tips of keeping them clean or cleaning procedures? They are definetely not everyday shoes........special occasions only.....

    BTW, the white part is snake skin and the gold part is lamb skin....the snake skin IRL, you can see the grains....but not in these photos.....

    Anyways here are the pix!
  2. Haven't seen those. Looks gorgeous on you, congrats!
  3. very cute congrats!!
  4. Very fun shoes! Enjoy them and congrats! =)
  5. Stunning, congratulations!!!
  6. Those are beautiful and look really great on your feet.
  7. Pretty, congrats!!
  8. I love those sandals! The satin print on the sole is so pretty. Congrats!!
  9. They are gorgeous!! Enjoy!
  10. WOW TDF, they look great on you!!!!
  11. hot heels! As far as cleaning, may be SM? But not sure it's going to work for sandals or not?
  12. gorgeous!
  13. Those are hot! I didn't know they still had them.
  14. Great shoes! They look great on you
  15. :drool: Very nice !