look what i bought today!

  1. so i sold my books back to my college today, and ended up getting more money than i thought i was going to get.
    i ended up getting $180 for 4 books w/ unused study guides.
    so the first thing on my mind is, "OMG what can i buy?!?"
    but then i remembered that i had only bought my boyfriend some cologne, because christmas money is tight for me this year.
    so i decided to spoil him. :yes:
    earlier this month he pointed out a watch that he really loved.
    unfortunately, i didn't think i'd have the money for it, so i had my stepmom get it for him.

    so, here's what i bought.
    a new wallet for the bf.
    coach water buffalo trifold wallet, in black - $88.

    [this was also for the bf. :graucho:]
    victoria's secret "ruched retro slip", in red - $49.

    then, as my friend and i were walking out of the mall, i noticed these really adorable shoes sitting in the window of this shoe store.
    so i bought a little something for myself. :angel:
    [they're alot cuter in person, i promise.] - on sale for $19.98!!!

    so there's my haul for today!
    except a few minor things here and there, like lunch. lol.
    what do ya'll think? :sweatdrop:
    74013_BLK_d2.jpg V268664.jpg 755131.jpg
  2. I love the gifts...I need to sell my books this week to. I was told I would get $400 back! but I did spend $900...loll
  3. omg i saw a pair of legacy flats in my size in macy's today for $49!
    i wanted them sooooo bad! but i figure its christmas, its a time for giving.

    the first thing i thought when i saw those heels that i bought is that they looked like the legacy shoes.
    they really do irl; the internet picture is a little funky.
    maybe this condones buying a purse with legacy stripe exterior? :angel: lol.
  4. I am happy for you, and also that you thought of BF. the real gift in his eyes will be that little red number you bought.:graucho:
  5. Aww... he's going to love everything! It's so cute that you weren't tempted to buy yourself anything, but bought his gifts first!
  6. Those shoes are great!
  7. The shoes look Coach-like.
  8. Nice!!! I'm sure he'll love it all.. especially that red slip!