"look What I Bought This Weekend"

  1. I purchased this absolutely Fabulous Gucci Handbag. With Tassel!
    color: Gunmetal
    Material: Leather w/ embossed GG's
    Hardware: Light gold
    Gorgeous Purple striped Interior Lining-various colors
    Price: Retail 1895.00
    Also, my new black leather w/ Light gold CC's interlocking Keychain.
    I will show pics of that when I get her in the mail.
    LMK what you think of this Bag!!!
  2. MORE PIC'S!:P
    DSCN12700001.JPG DSCN12690001.JPG DSCN12710001.JPG
  3. I love it! Such a HOT bag key!!!
  4. I would say you had a great weekend. I love that bag and I especially love the lining. Great choice.

  5. Thanx Pelinaka, coming from you..its a compliment!:love: It is HOT HOT HOT!
  6. I love the bag and keychain! Now I'm off to the Gucci site to see what I can scope out to be my next purchase...
  7. Hot ! Congrats ! :yes:
  8. I had the best service too. Omar is the best SA in the world and they brought out ice cold water w/ linen napkins on a round silver platter. I had the greatest shopping experience ever!
    The color of this bag is devine. I've never seen this color b-4.
  9. Love it!
  10. I've seen it IRL and that bag is HOTTTTT!!!!:love: Congrats!!!!
  11. WOWZA! Love the bag and the key chain....
  12. hip, hip, hooooooooooooray for keykey & her new gucci goodies :wlae:
  13. i LOVE this bag, ive been oggling it on the site for ages now!
    HOT purchase congrats :biggrin:
  14. That bag is truly rockstar. I bought it last month and sadly returned her because she was too heavy for me when i filled her up with my stuff. But, I can't stop thinking about her. IMO that is the BEST guccissima leather, color, hardware combo Frida has designed so far. Congrats to you and your exquisite Gucci taste.:P
  15. That Britt bag is FABULOUS!! Love it and LOVE the key chain too! Congratulations on your beautiful choices.