Look what I bought in Aspen this weekend!!

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  1. We took a family ski trip this weekend and spent a day in Aspen shopping. I was expecting to buy a bag at Dior, but after seeing the Gaucho in person, I changed my mind. So, I popped into the LV boutique and ended up buying the Batignolles Horizontal. This is my first LV and I LOVE it!!! :love: :love: :love: I have to admit, I did not care too much for LV before joining this forum. :shame: After reading all the threads about LV and seeing some of your collections, I decided I would give one a try. I thought I would buy the PH first, but after seeing the BH in person, I knew it was the one for me. I seriously cannot believe how much I like this bag. I am already planning my next LV purchase!!

    P.S. The Fendi boutique in Aspen had tons of Spy bags/hobos. They had a beautiful green colored one that I have not seen before - really pretty.

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  2. Congrats on your first LV! LV lovers like myself will tell you that LVs are quite addictive and you can't just have one in your bag collection. Enjoy it and wear it well.
  3. Very nice!!!! I love the batignolles also (horizontal or vertical)! Congrats!
  4. Yahooooo! Me too!! I bought the vertical this Sat. Is it not to die for?! Congrats!!
  5. How funny! I bought mine on Saturday, too! As a mom, isn't it the perfect bag?? It holds sooooo much stuff.
  6. Welcome to the club! I have the Horizontal, and LOVE it. It's a nice looking bag and practical too.

    BTW, wasn't the snow INCREDIBLE???? We were in Beaver Creek (near Vail) beginning of last month and it was awesome.
  7. Congrats!! You'll find that it's very versatile. Welcome to the family now...ha! Trust me, this won't be the last!
  8. When I first saw them on the LV website I thought hmmm:amuse: ..... I think I like this, but to make it definate, I decided to visit LV myself (not intending to buy) but man as soon as I tried it on it was all over:nuts: . I have 3 kids so it is such the A-1 perfect purse for US! Can you believe how much it carries and is so light!:love:
  9. Congrats on your purchase! I love it!!!
  10. Yes, it was fantastic. I have never skiied in Colorado before, only on the east coast. (We moved recently moved here.) The weather was great - it was 61 on the slopes on Saturday!! It was a great day for my kiddos to learn to ski. I hope to get in a few more weekends before the season is over.

    Thanks everyone...it is so fun to have you all to share my new purchase with!
  11. oh, this is such a beauty. i've been eyeing this one for a while. 'cuz i really want a go-to-work bag for myself. i read on elux that it's the perfect size for laptops.

    how do you use it? can you put a lot of things in it and still have room for a laptop?
  12. Fabulous, I'm really happy to hear that you've decided to take the LV plunge ! ;)
  13. Congrats glily. It is a beautiful bag!!
  14. Beautiful! Congrats.
  15. Beautiful!!!!