Look what I bought from ~~~MOCA~~~ lotsa pics!

  1. Just came back from MOCA ... and brought home a couple of goodies. I didn't even really want to go, but hubby was actually curious about Murakami's work, so after breakfast, we headed to downtown L.A. Good thing we left early (got there around noon) since looking for parking was a challenge. It wasn't too crowded, only 10 people in line to get in. It was a lot longer when we left 2 hours later.

    I did not think I'd like the neverfull hands but the pink interior was cool. So hubby bought me the MM (already have the GM but just the reg. neverfull) and the rond. I wanted the MC agenda in black, but of course both MC are out of stock. And so is the neverfull hands GM. The PM was cute too, but too small for me.

    The manager of that LV (MOCA) is also the manager of South Coast Plaza LV said to check back thursday ... they "might" get more MC agenda's. Hubby says if they do, he'll go back and get it for me.

    Here are my new babies ...
    hands1.jpg hands2.jpg hands3.jpg
  2. :yahoo:here's the cute pink interior and tag.
    hands5.jpg hands6.jpg
  3. love everything. what a sweet hubby, lucky you
  4. Gorgeous!!!! love the pink lining mmmm..:woohoo:
  5. here's a pic as we are approaching the entrance and the second one I snapped as we were waiting to pay ... but was asked to stop by one of the security guards ... darn! I was trying!
    moca1.jpg moca2.jpg
  6. Great husband and great purchases!
  7. Awesome! I love how they included a stamped luggage tag.
  8. I'm drooling. gorgeous! The pink lining is so awesome.
  9. Love the lil tag on the neverfull.
  10. So I managed to conspicously take these pictures while hubby and daughter kept an eye out for the security guard ...

    These bags were so awesome, I was :drool::drool::drool: !
    moca3.jpg moca4.jpg moca5.jpg
  11. Both are really cute. How much was the rond? I should try this week.
  12. I wish I could display my collection like that!
  13. These are the last I was able to take while we waited for our names to be called so we can pay for our purchases.

    I wish I could have taken more, but as it got crowded, there were more sec. guards around . I am glad I went, Murakami's art are awesome ... he's got some amazing imagination. If you have not gone yet ... I recommend that you do ... it's totally worth it!!!:tup:
    moca6.jpg moca7.jpg moca8.jpg
  14. The rond was $270.00 and yes, you should definitely go ... you won't regret it!
  15. congratz!!...im so jealous....enjoy them!!:nuts: