look what I bought from Karen Millen :-) pics!

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  1. I recieved an invitation for the special sale event thursday 24th of may at Karen Millen! All clothes were 20% off (in my country sale start july 1st, argh I hate waiting!).

    I l:heart:ve Karen Millen clothes! they're beautiful and not thàt expensive!

    here are my new additions :yahoo:

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  2. oooh congrats, you look so cute in the first one, the bright pink with the bow on it.

    lovely :smile:
  3. They're so pretty!! They all look gorgeous on you :smile:
  4. I'm a huge Karen Millen fan myself. I love her jeans and her dresses.
    The tops that you purchased are all beautiful and look stunning on you.

    You have great taste.
  5. So cute!! I'd never heard of Karen Millen before, but she makes some nice clothes. I especially like the first blouse, the bright pink one. You look great, congrats!!
  6. :flowers:Thanks, sweeties :flowers:!!! I'm so happy with my new tops I just had to share it with you!

    it was fun. I didn't see much from the summercollection yet and I was like: I want this, and this, ow and this, and this ... hihi. and I saw someone famous (only known in my country) who was there too.

    but unfortunately, the weather changed and it's now raining and colder so I can't wear them yet:crybaby:.
  7. Cute tops! If you don't mind me asking, what brand of jeans are you wearing?
  8. thanks:flowers:! it's from "edc by esprit". it's a very comfy jeans.
  9. Wow, great tops! They all look great on you.

    We've just had a Karen Millen store open here in The Hague. :woohoo:
  10. Love them all, they all look so nice on you.
  11. Gorgeous! Love them!!
  12. Great tops! I love the third on the most, it's so pretty!
  13. Great tops! :tup:I really love the first one, its adorable.
  14. All of the tops look great on you! I love the second top especially. Congrats!
  15. The brown one is my favorite!!! SOOOO SEXY!!!