look what i bought at the collins st party

  1. as usual, click here to read. sorry can't be bothered to post photos here as well...
  2. great story!! what a snotty SA! LOVE the shoes! James Bond was good movie! hehe
  3. Very Nice, congrats!! That Adriana entitles B as her midddle name
  4. :nuts: Love your new shoes:love: Great report....now I know who not to look for if I ever shop there:s
  5. Woooow... those are some hot shoes! Congrats! :biggrin:
  6. Gorgeous shoes!
  7. That's hilarious!! LOL :roflmfao:

    Way to go dearest andr114!! If I were you, I wouldn't even be bothered to chat with HER; rather rechannel the energy into drooling at the LV TDF everything!!! :drool:
  8. she's usually nice.. but now its good that i know she's only nice because i was going to get something from them.
  9. ...OMG, if i were her, I would faint BIG TIME and wouldn't know what to do when I come around?!

    Gosh, that's sad..

    Thank goodness my SAs at LV are allll great! HAH!
  10. those are very nice shoes... i'd really want to wear them!!
  11. yeah i guessed she didnt know what to do when she saw me at the party. coz she looked very surprised.

    i was like yeahhhhhhh.. i wanted to rub the fact that the manager herself invited me to adriana's face. sucked in....
  12. yeah i love these shoes.. but have to be extra careful coz they are white...

    i am cleaning these shoes straight after i finish wearing them, otherwise the dust etc etc can stick and that can make them black..
  13. thanks for the report!
    At Collins St Adriana served me my first time i shopped there and brought my speedy, she was really cold and impersonal. Iv been there since and occasionaly she acknowledges me with a bitter hello and walks away. The other SAs at least smile and chat. Actually i dont think iv EVER seen her smile :s
    anyway LOVE your shoes...last time i was there i showed my BF the brown ones and hes like 'one day..one day..' haha. Now hes obsessed with getting white shoes so ill show him the pics of yours, torture him a lil :graucho:
  14. Awesome purchase, love the shoes!! Congrats!@!!hey, i think i saw you too, did you wear a white tee;) ?
  15. randomlily: thank god its not only me who feels that way about her.... and yes, you should torture your boyfriend about the shoes. i actually have the brown too, i would have bought the white ones if they were there when i bought the brown ones.