Look what I boite lol!

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  1. I finally received my much anticipated boite yesterday and spent all of last night polishing and cleaning her up. Talk about hard work! My wrists are still sore today but she looks much better.
    Does anyone else share my love for hard sided pieces?
    Anyway here's the before and after pics.:cry:
    On ebay
    And after much hard work
    The inside
    And my two together
  2. Very nice! :biggrin: I was looking at a similar one @ LV, beautiful.
  3. Omg! You did a really good job cleaning it. I'm seriously drooling over here!
  4. omg that looks SO good!!!
  5. What did you use to polish and clean with? It looks wonderful!
  6. It looks amazing! You do good work! I would love to have something like that to put my jewerly in. Congrats!
  7. Amazing, V! Did you use Brasso on the hardware?
  8. Oh it is beautiful. Those pieces just scream "history", they are fantastic.
  9. Thanks so much y'all:P
    Lulu, yep darn skippy I did, lol! Just give me some brasso and I'm good to go. V
  10. Wow, what a pair! You did a good job cleaning it. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for your latest beauty?
  11. those look really really nice
  12. Pursegalsf I paid $1577. Which isn't too bad because the pharmacie runs nearly 3k so almost half price. Because I'm on a budget haha!:lol:
  13. that is gorgeous. beautiful find.
  14. you did a great job cleaning that up...the boite is so beautiful!
  15. I :love: IT!!! Great job polishing it!!!