Look What Goodies I Got Today

  1. My PCE goodies:

    98137_MTI_t.jpg B4WT-1_s.jpg 40421_c.jpg
  2. Very nice! I'm dying for the ergo hobo in white! How is it on? Can you post photos? I think I'm going in on Friday...

    Congrats on the great purchases!
  3. terrific choice!
  4. I really like the third one...it's really cute. I'm thinking of getting that to match my bag.
  5. Nice!
  6. i got the ergo hobo in white as well...but it's not for me. I got it as a birthday present for my aunt. congrats on your goodies!!
  7. Congrats! Post modeling pics!
  8. very cute! I love the scribble!
  9. Nice stuff! I love the scarf!
  10. Very nice, love the scarf and wallet combo!
  11. the white hobo and scribble print accessories go PERFECTLY together. make sure to model them and post pix!
  12. Very nice! I'm usually not a big fan of the scribble, but I love it in the scarf and wallet!

  13. Very cute!!
  14. Great choices they will go perfect together!
  15. Everything but the bag came home with me - that's the story of my life. I will post pics when it comes in.