Look what followed me home..

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  1. Dude you should have seen the lines it was CRAZYYYYY. I accidently slept in..really need an alarm with a snooze button, so I got there around seven. But the line was too long so I went else where. I came back mid morning and since my ride wouldn't arrive till another hour I decided to stick it out. I ended only coming home a couple of hours ago, and still need to hit bloomies. But what do you think of these? Keepers or return?
    coach madison.jpg coach madison2.jpg coach madison3.jpg
  2. That is so cute :smile: Congrats :biggrin:
  3. and another evening bag..you all know how much I love those..:P
    clutch.jpg clutchh.jpg cluth.jpg
  4. ^^Thanks! I can't justify the purse at all, but it was WAY too cute!! I've always admired kathyrose's satin madison, so I had to grab one for myself! A couple of the ladies who know me at the outlet were like..I thought you weren't a siggie person. and next thing you know I'm holding every black signature piece they had trying to decide what would come home with me. And to my happiness the black contrasting stitching is not noticable, one of my pics just has a high contrast for the leather.
  5. wait is it called the madison?
  6. It is a madison and I love it! Sooo cute! And I know how much you love clutches . . . That one seems pretty roomy too! Enjoy them!
  7. Love the Madison!
  8. Very nice!! I definately say its a keeper
  9. Wow, love it!
  10. LOVE em!!!
    they're very you. :smile:
  11. Love it! I saw the wristlets and skinny for it but didn't get that.
  12. Very cute!! Congrats!
  13. Way cute-- definte keeper!!
  14. ^^Thanks girls!
  15. Great bag, aarti. I couldn't resist one either!