Look what followed me home!


Ballantyne Barbie
Sep 11, 2007
the Queen City
DH and I spent the weekend in Chicago, complete with a visit to the Choo boutique! There was so much pretty to choose from that I had a hard time picking just one. What did Casey (who is a complete doll, btw!) wrap up and mail to me? :thinking:

Ooh, pretty JC paper

What's that peeking out of the box?

Looks kinda small...

It's mauve Roquette, in all her tiny cute glory!

And here she is with her big sis Riki



May 17, 2008

i know i already told you this since I got a sneak preview but, hot d@mn! You've officially lured me over to the choo side! :P I :heart: :heart: :heart: riki and her baby sister is just as gorgeous!!! Congrats, hun!

p.s. when can I come visit them? :lol: