Look what followed me home

  1. I went to Sak's today to take a look around when I heard this calling out to me "Take me home"- it's an awesome handbag and my very first Prada- I decided to purchase something different than Louis Vuitton and Im glad I did- rate it a 10...:heart:

    Now I just have to find a wallet to go with it... Any suggestions???
  2. Congrats!! I'm still looking for the right Prada bag myself. Right now I only have LV's. Nice change will be nice.
  3. Congrats!
  4. Audrey, did you decide on getting the antic cervo satchel?
  5. Audrey:

    I like your wallet that you purchased. Very nice!!
  6. loves it. congrats, amamxr. and great thread title, so cute, totally drew me in! i had to come peek!
  7. Very, very nice. Congrats on your first Prada.
  8. No, i'm still deciding. :sad: I'm lovin the pictures of Triplets05's bag though! I would say 85% chance yes on the cervo satchel. I still want to get a chloe and possibly the black miu miu coffer... and then I reallyyy have to stop buying!
  9. Thank you!! :heart:
  10. Congratulations!! It is very nice!
  11. Gorgeous bag:love: BTW your wallet is divine Audrey :smile:
  12. Thank you RachelA! Im so in :heart: with it!
  13. Congrats on your first Prada, amamxr. You are going to be soooo happy. Your bag looks so gorgeous. And Audrey your wallet is awsome. I would love to get one. The color is beautiful, I love it.
  14. congrats!
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